BA in Business Admin - Marketing & Finance
Product Mgmt Certification from Pragmatic Marketing
UX Design training at General Assembly
Full-Stack Developer Bootcamp at DevLeague
Product Manager at PG&E
  • Launched a few new products like low-flow showerheads and a recycling program with national chain retailers.
  • Oversaw energy efficiency portfolios for Appliances and Food Service Technology.
  • Lots of market research, lifecycle analysis, tech assessments and strategy development.
Senior Product Analyst at Ecova
  • Revamped the suite of operations-supporting technology: added CRM - for call center, segmentation, targeting, marketing automation and web analytics - for Marketing, sales data visualization - for Account Mgmt, onsite audit tools - for field techs.
  • Led agile development of a white-label customer portal that integrated with back-end system via RESTful API.
  • Lots of user interviews, wireframing, usability testing, client presentations.
  • Reimagining customer engagement strategy by leveraging machine learning on interaction data throughout the customer journey.
Independent Marketing & UX Consultant
  • Capture the story and the essence of the brand.
  • Develop customer engagement & UX strategy, including launching new digital sales funnels.
  • Marketing automation and email marketing.
Nature Photography
Portraits & Headshots
Fashion & Beauty Publications
Us In Paradise
Babes On Beaches tutorials
Business Branding
Scaling custom Snapchat filters
Dev Fun

PM + UX + Dev

I'm excited to transition into the dev side of things after years of working on software products from a product management angle.

To this more hands-on involvement in building products, I hope to bring my PM skills of connecting everything to the big picture, thinking from a user's perspective, and relentlessly shaping chaos into a structured order.

I love working on products that connect people to each other and their inner-child's creative side.

Explore + Create + Build

In my free time, I like to travel, capture the world's beauty with my camera, and tinker with animation code.

I've called Ukraine, SoCal, SF and NYC home, and spent the last two years in stunning Hawaii. The spirit of adventuring and challenging the norm is strong within me!